Locks & Beagles

September 2018

Play as two dogs trying to escape a labyrinth. Find keys, unlock doors, and navigate puzzling levels!

Locks & Beagles is my first official game release and is available on for free download!



A Fast-paced puzzler-runner featuring an interesting isometric aesthetic.

Run, dash, jump, and figure out your way to the goal of each level.

This project was discontinued and never released.

Ludum Dare 41

April 2018

My Ludum Dare 41 Jam entry, made entirely in 48 hours.

I attempted to build an RPG system into Unity based on the classic Quest 64 battle system. Got surprisingly far considering I had to write a lot of engine code to support it.

This game is sadly incomplete and will remain unsubmitted. Ran into too many issues and did not have the time to finish it.

Read the blog post about what went wrong here.

Gems of Power

July 2017

My Ludum Dare 39 Compo entry, made entirely in 48 hours.

A basic tower-defense game built in Unity 3D. Place towers to defend against the oncoming red squares, but don't forget to place miners to generate more income for defenses!

Although the game came out well enough and nearly feature-complete, it suffers from balance issues and a lack of game state being expressed to the player. The enemies are too easy, you generate much more energy than you can spend, and building health is invisible to the player (which is an important piece of information).

I am very happy with the shiny gem-shader I created for the game and I discovered a method for transforming a 3D vector into a 3D rotation that can be expressed with Euler angles.

Club Neon

December 2016

My entry for Ludum Dare 37.

A high-speed 3D techno-themed platformer. How fast can you reach the goal?

Blast Force

March 2016

The resulting project for a 3D computer graphics class.

A take on the old Blast Corps game by Rare for the Nintendo 64. Drive a bulldozer and destroy buildings before the nuclear armed truck hits a building!

Slidy Puzzles

January 2014

My first fully-featured, complete game; built in a single month none-the-less!

This game plays like those picture puzzles where you slide parts around to reform the original image. The bonus is you can use any image from your computer!

Slidy Puzzles is made using my own game engine, written in Java 7. The game serves to show that my engine works as expected.

Cry of a Nether

November 2013

Putting to use some nice looking 3D rendered images to make a point-and-click adventure through space.

Similar to Slidy Puzzles, Cry of a Nether uses a game engine created by me in native Java 7. I followed along an excellent introductory book to Java game engine design, so I can't take full credit for the engine.

Battle Magic

June 2013

A single player game of mixing magic.

Magic abilities have always felt poorly represented in video games to me, and Battle Magic is a prototype game exploring how to make magic more engaging!

Unfortunately, Battle Magic no longer runs and all I have left is this single screenshot.

Cards n' Dragons

May 2013

My own take on a card game, inspired by the popular Munchkin series. Fight monsters, collect loot, and fight other players.

Cards & Dragons is the result of an exploration into game design. I loved the concept Munchkins presented - a fast-paced D&D experience, but I found Munchkin's implementation frustrating. It was impossible to get loot and upgrades, and as soon as someone did they often skyrockted ahead to win the game without contest because no other player usually has any means of interfering. Overly complicated rules and too much difficulty resulted in poor game experiences for everyone. Cards & Dragons was my first attempt to fix that.

Cards and Dragons has a much more forgiving combat system where you roll dice to determine damage. Players often get loot and stay reasonably close in power until the end. Unfortunately the game suffered from some design issues that prevented it from being the full game I wanted it to be, so it got left behind. I plan to revisit this some day.

Cannon Beach


A fast-paced game of poker!

    The result of a boring family vacation resulted in a quite fun traditional card game! Plays like poker, but with 6 cards. There are no turns so players need to act fast to make the best hand they can.
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