About Me

Hello and welcome to my humble site!

I'm a trained software engineer with a keen interest in computer graphics! Growing up in the age of 3D games gave me a start for my love of 3D content (the MYST series is a big inspiration). Especially with classic games that offered a relatively easy modding system so I could explore with creating my own 3D visuals and sharing them with others!

My start was in programming TI-83+ graphing calculators. At first it was silly little things like a "Guess the number" game, but then grew into more complex applications like a general purpose trigonometry tool.

I played around with building applications with Java during my first years of college. Everything from basic game engines to simple accounting software. My next educational goals were focused on game engine design.

Game engines, especially 3D engines, led to my interest of the wide world of graphics programming. To better explore this field, I studied C++ and OpenGL.

College proved to be a useful experience and I had ample opportunity to study Virtual Reality, 3D graphics, and game programming.

Post college, I've started out at a local web-design company where I'm gaining experience in running a full-stack web app.

For my current employment, I plan to improve my UI and UX design skills. Building a web-app is relatively easy, but designing an accessible, intutive, and enjoyable UI is a skill that can translate well over into the gaming industry.

As I continue my education, I'm taking a step back from software engineering to focus on details, tools, and tricks of creating 3D visual effects! My goal is to develop my technical artist skills and keep making games!

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