Dragon Character Published - 05 Jan 2021

I was recently inspired to explore sculpting 3D character more and I specifically wanted to try sculpting scales onto a dragon-like character!

I'm generally satisfied with the results though I did encounter a few issues.

The good: the scales came out pretty neat, fun body proportions, cool tail spikes and horns, good shader work with the scale material, and I like what I did with the eyes which have always been a trouble spot.

The parts I struggled with: Blender (at this time) cannot handle sculpts with millions of verticies and so sculpting the scales were slow and glitchy. I will be trying out Z-Brush next time I sculpt. Also struggled with the texture painting, since I did not want to go through a retopolgy process for this less-than-ideal mesh I could not achieve smoothing of the colors and textures &en; you can clearly see the polygon edges around the spikes and the details on the tail.

This model is not on Sketchfab because the high poly mesh made a Blend file that is too big to upload.