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PBR is a common phrase you're gonna see everywhere. It stands for Physically Based Rendering and it's a way of drawing a scene in 3D by simulating real-world physics instead of cheap approximations. By using PBR, we guarantee that our object will look and respond nicely with any kind of lighting source but it will take the computer longer to render.

A detailed discussion about PBR and how it's calculated is beyond this scope.

The goal of using a material tool is to generate image files so they can be imported into a game engine (or another rendering engine).

New Project

Dialog Options

Select Mesh
This is the mesh/model you will be working with. can be changed later.
Normal Map Format
Specifies which vector is "up" (Y or Z). Select the one that matches the engine you will be rendering in.
Document Resolution
How big the textures you generate will be.

Basic Terms

A Material is called a Texture Set (because it's a collection (a set) of textures).

TextureSet Settings

Baking Textures

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