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Classic 2D rainbow colored triangle


The basics of how all modern graphics get rendered! What the graphic card does, what shaders are, etc.

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Unaltered photo of smoke by Andrew Magill


A series of equations that simulate water and air efficiently.

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Classic Shaders

These cover tutorials using a classic rendering style where each 3D object tells the screen what color it should appear as, instead of the modern photo-realistic ray tracing method.

Showing an example of a cubemap rendered as a cube


Cubemaps allow us to render pretty environments made out of images.

Read about Cubemaps

A 3D model looking like glass to demonstrate refraction

Refraction and Reflection

Reflections and Refractions are fun and easy to do!

Read about Refraction and Reflection

Ray Tracing

These cover tutorials on the modern, photo-realistic render algorithm.

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