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Shaders and Graphics

Everything about the basics and history of computer graphics to modern rendering techniques and utilizing fancy shaders!

Tutorials about Shaders and Graphics

Logo for Blender 3D

Blender 3D

Blender 3D is a fantastic, free, powerful tool for creating 3D content! The problem is it's tough to learn, so here are some tips I've discoverd along the way.

Tutorials about Blender 3D

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Unity is a powerful game development engine and it is very complex! Here are some notes, references, and tips to help use it.

Tutorials about Unity

Screenshot of Substance Painter

Substance Painter

Substance Painter is a tool for creating PBR (Physically Based Rendering) content - HD textures and assets to apply to 3D content to make it look photorealistic!

Tutorials about Substance Painter

Screenshot of some generic code

General Software

General notes, concepts, and tips regarding anything programming. C++, Java, Javscript, C#, MySQL, any language!

Tutorials about General Software

A mathematical matrix, used in Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra is a fascinating branch of math and is used extensively in computer graphics. These are some notes from a college-level course.

Tutorials about Linear Algebra

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Dungeons & Dragons

Notes on how to play DnD fifth edition

Tutorials about Dungeons & Dragons

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