September 2018

My friend Armando (aka Vonzent) is an excellent watercolorist and loves to draw dog-characters all dressed up!

This is one of his signature characters dressed up in a cowboy outfit in the setting of a desert, located in northern Mexico.

I had a lot of fun creating this character, trying out new modeling techniques to prioritize a pose over a model ready for rigging and animation. I'm also quite happy with the plaid effect on the shirt as well as the colors of the model as a whole!

Icarus Q.

Sebtember 2018

My friend Billy Fore is a wonderful artist and we have undertaken a D&D adventure together!

This is his Rat Artificer character who's a bit of a pyromaniac, though certainly has a way with words as well!

Creating his character was my first instance of working off of someone else's finished character conception and it was a joy! I discovered some composition tips as well in terms of doing a one-off rendering for characters, as well as continuing to push my abilities to create more lived-in spaces for these characters to stand on (like the pathway and mushrooms).


June 2018

After getting back into modeling in 2018, I wanted to make a new original character and so I had fun making a Raccoon-like art-school friend!

He gave me a chance to try out some new rigging and animating tools as well as textuing.

Minit Fox

April 2018

Minit is such an interesting and exciting take on what feels like a classic Zelda style game. Find upgrades, fight baddies using a sword, and some light puzzle mechanics!

The game also features an interesting cast of folks, including a fox/canine character with no name and almost no plot to the game at all, but I had to model them!

This was a fun exploration in creating animated models and adding little details like the platform the characters stand on.

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